Stop This Crazy Thing

1942 Pledge of Allegience in Connecticut

Aside from the taboo of looking critically, at socially unpopular subject matter, it can be overwhelming to research these subjects, as there is often a mountain of evidence, and critical information about these subjects.This blog is for publishing bite sized peices of evidence of great importance to our wellbeing. It is my responsibility to share this with you, as my silence is morally unacceptable.I am starting with the present, as it is critical for understanding what is at stake, if the people are not informed of this country’s conflicts abroad, and what is taking place, paid for by our taxes. This is not theory, but evidence based. I will provide evidence, and the sources for your inspection.This is most likely the largest document in the series, as this blog is for smaller pieces of evidence, for those of us who prefer not to be flooded with heavy facts.My intention is to create a separate blog for circumstantial evidence. This one is all facts. I welcome any challenges to the data posted.I hope you subscribe, and are inspired to unite in opposition to immoral actions taken in our name.

Thanks for reading.

pass it on   author: Chris Coty

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