Syria Propaganda is a Lie.

So, Syria gassed it’s own people, after the war is pretty much won, just because, knowing full well that it could be used as an excuse to attack??
And, our ‘sources’ tell us that it was Assad, but we could not wait one more day, for independent investigators to arrive and verify it??
We had to stop the capabilities of producing chlorine gas, which is often accidentally produced when one cleans with ammonia and bleach??
Who questions the official story?

One thought on “Syria Propaganda is a Lie.

  1. And, brace for more bullshit. Al Queda affilliated 'White Helmets' have already made video of a fake chemical attack in Idlib province. The war drums beat at a deafening tone, and why? Because the US proxy army, Al Nusra (al queda) is in it's last stronghold in Idlib, Syria. Should they be defeated, Syria’s civil war is over. US would no longer be able to continue trying to dethrone Bashar al Assad from within Syria, without coming up with another excuse. In reality, Assad is keeping russia’s natural gas flowing to Europe, and it’s Russia’s life blood, economically. The plan that the US has, is to cut off Russia’s gas pipelines, and run new lines from Qatar. Only if.. the US can ‘regime change’ Syria, and install their own puppet leader.., will Syria go along with destroying Russia. That’s why Russia is so protective of Syria, and Assad.DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE on the alphabet news!


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