Historical record

Are we living in lost history?

What is true of world history, especially the present, is not accurately portrayed by the biggest voices that may affect historical record. The mainstream media, in the west, is heavily engaged in disinforming the world with the most advanced propaganda campaign in recorded history. Who is recording that fact? Who is telling factual truth? Who is documenting it? And, how is it being documented?
Will the loudest, and most popular view be recorded as fact in the historical record?
Will those who prove facts, that don’t align with popular belief, be recorded in historical record? Will truth be part of history? Will history documents say that the wars and interventions in the late 20th and 21st centuries were justified? Or, will historical record reveal the behavior of the western empire, and the United States since WW2? What side of history is the United States on, currently?
Why should we care about it?
All records are not in print. What do the 1400 BC scrolls say about the history? Paper was less available. Jumping to now.. What will the data on hard drives say in 150 years? Will data be safe through all extreme world events, such as sudden events.. a virus can do more than can be calculated to destroy data. Lightning strikes can destroy data, EMP’s, solar flares, and power failures are capable of destroying data, records, pictures, music, etc.. Hunger makes data less important. Hunger and power failure, long term, could strip all data centers of equipment from abandonment and theft.. if data records in their current storage medium are no longer comprehendable by future peoples, then they do not exist beyond this era. What then, will be the recorded history of us?
The mysterious depopulations of past societies have a history that is mysterious. We try to read the stone carvings to discover what happened. Carvings just stopped in Mayan carvings. Who carves our history? When did we stop building giant mysterious towers with small tubes and copper? Why did we disappear?  Are we going to be historically recorded? If so, what will our carvings say?

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