Syria’s conflict is about to go global

The so called ‘white helmets’, affiliated with al queda, now Al Nusra, have already made video of a fake chemical attack in Idlib province, where the final stronghold of Al Nusra is. Such an attack would be absurd beyond belief. The war is over, when the Al Nusra/ISIS/al queda are eliminated from Idlib. The US would no longer have the claimed reason, to oust Assad, and fight ISIS. Being in Syria after that would make no sense, based on these claims. The US is now stalling, threatening, putting troops on the ground in Idlib, as human shields, under the guise of trying to protect the civilians in Idlib. The sudden humanitarian concerns are heart warming, but quite disingenuous. 

The actual reason that overthrowing Assad has been top priority, is because, with regime change, to a more US friendly regime would allow for moving forward with running natural gas pipelines to Europe, from Qatar, cutting off Russia’s life blood, as their economy is heavily dependent on Natural Gas sales to Europe. The Turkey/Qatar pipeline is planned to cut off Russia’s gas pipelines, building new pipelines from Qatar, which sits on the largest natural gas reserve in the world. Assad would not do that to Russia, and Russia is protecting Assad, partially for existential reasons. The other reason is that the Military industries have the most powerful lobby in Washington DC, and war is their lifeline. More about that below..

This is deeply disturbing, as hot conflict with Russia, Syria, and Iran seems unavoidable. The alphabet media outlets are all propaganda on the subject, and have no time for covering it much, because.. Russia, Trump circus, complete with the orange clown, distracting from the ramp up to illegal, immoral international actions, especially in Yemen and Syria. The news is so mesmerizing that democrats have become warmongers, over the baseless claim that Russia ‘hacked the elections’. But that’s a whole other story..

The war industry profits greatly from any military conflict, and rest assured that their lobby is powerful. Now that the military budget is at $700,000,000,000.00, via over 50% of taxes on US citizens.
So, the wealthy few, who are out of harms way, are being enriched, by violence perpetrated by forces that the masses, who do no benefit, pay for. And those who benefit buy the legislation and decisions ensuring that it stays that way. This effectively enslaves the average citizen, to enrich those few, through horrific acts against people who have nothing to do with any of it. Taxation without representation. Unless you are very wealthy, you do not benefit. The under privileged 17 year old kids get tricked into joining the military, to pay for college, and genuinely think they will be protecting the country. When they end up bearing the burden of committing the horrific deeds required of them, to learn that it is not for the country’s safety, at all, it destroys the world views of these kids, and is further traumatizing than war already is. Suicide rates bear that out. So, they really are slaves to the elite few, enriched by the suffering of soldiers and civilians, that these elites never even have to see. All Under the guise of moral actions, fabricated and spoon fed to the citizens through the state controlled media. The outrage is missing from the story as a result.
I’m not sure how a scam that diabolical was dreamt up. Could it be any more twisted and malevolent? How do we put a stop to what we will eventually be held accountable for. How do we not be the German citizens in WW2, knowing, but not resisting the execution of our country’s atrocities? It’s far too easy to say it’s out of our hands, or that we can’t do anything. Time and effort need to be prioritized and committed to, by all of us, to use our strengths in the name of ending the perpetual cycle of atrocity for profit.

The play by play of the Syria conflict…

2012 August – Prime Minister Riad Hijab defects, US President Obama warns that use of chemical weapons would tilt the US towards intervention.

2012 October – Fire in Aleppo destroys much of the historic market as fighting and bomb attacks continue in various cities.

2012 November – National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces formed in Qatarexcludes Islamist militias. Arab League stops short of full recognition.

2012 December – US, Britain, FranceTurkey and Gulf states formally recognize opposition National Coalition as “legitimate representative” of Syrian people.

2013 January – Syria accuses Israel of bombing military base near Damascus, where Hezbollah was suspected of assembling a convoy of anti-aircraft missiles bound for Lebanon.
Chemical arms claims

2013 September – UN weapons inspectors conclude that chemical weapons were used in an attack on the Ghouta area of Damascus in August that killed about 300 people but do not allocate responsibility. Government allows UN to destroy chemical weapons stocks, process complete by June 2014.

2013 December – US and Britain suspend “non-lethal” support for rebels in northern Syria after reports that Islamist rebels seized bases of Western-backed Free Syrian Army.

2014 January-February – UN-brokered peace talks in Geneva fail, largely because Syrian authorities refuse to discuss a transitional government.

2014 March – Syrian Army and Hezbollah forces recapture Yabroud, the last rebel stronghold near the Lebanese border.

2014 June – Islamic State of Iraq and Syria militants declare “caliphate” in territory from Aleppo to eastern Iraqi province of Diyala.

2014 September – US and five Arab countries launch air strikes against Islamic State around Aleppo and Raqqa.

2015 January – Kurdish forces push Islamic State out of Kobane on Turkish border after four months of fighting.

2015 May – Islamic State fighters seize the ancient city of Palmyra in central Syria and proceed to destroy many monuments at pre-Islamic World Heritage site.
Jaish al-Fatah (Army of Conquest) Islamist rebel alliance takes control of Idlib Province, putting pressure on government‘s coastal stronghold of Latakia.

Russian intervention

2015 September – Russia carries out its first air strikes in Syria, saying they target the Islamic State group, but the West and Syrian opposition say it overwhelmingly targets anti-Assad rebels.

2015 December – Syrian Army allows rebels to evacuate remaining area of Homs, returning Syria’s third-largest city to government control after four years.

2016 March – Syrian government forces retake Palmyra from Islamic State with Russian air assistance, only to be driven out again in December.

2016 August – Turkish troops cross into Syria to help rebel groups push back so-called Islamic State militants and Kurdish-led rebels from a section of the two countries’ border.

2016 December – Government troops, backed by Russian air power and Iranian-sponsored militias, recapture Aleppo, the country’s largest city, depriving the rebels of their last major urban stronghold.

2017 January – Russia, Iran and Turkey agree to enforce a ceasefire between the government and non-Islamist rebels, after talks between the two sides in Kazakhstan.

US intervenes.…..

2017 April – US President Donald Trump orders a missile attack on an airbase from which Syrian government planes allegedly staged a chemical weapons attack on the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhoun.

2017 May – US decides to arm the YPG Kurdish Popular Protection Units. These fight alongside the main opposition Syrian Democratic Forces, which captures the important Tabqa dam from Islamic State.

2017 June – US shoots down Syrian fighter jet near Raqqa after it allegedly dropped bombs near US-backed rebel Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

2017 July – The Lebanese militant group Hezbollah and the Syrian army launch a military operation to dislodge jihadist groups from the Arsal area, near the Lebanese-Syrian border.

2017 October – The Islamic State group is driven from Raqqa, its de-facto capital in Syria.

2017 November – Syrian army takes full control of Deir al-Zour from Islamic StateSyrian and Iraqi forces put IS under pressure in the dwindling areas still under its control.

2017 December – Russian President Putin visits, declaring mission accomplished for his forces in the battle against Islamic State.

Government troops, with Russian support, continue reclaiming areas from rebels in the north-western Idlib province.

2018 January – Turkey launches an assault on northern Syria to oust Kurdish rebels controlling the area around Afrin. It seizes the town in March.

2018 February – Government launches a ferocious assault on Eastern Ghouta, the final rebel-held enclave near Damascus.

2018 April – Claims of a new chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta’s main town of Douma prompt the US, Britain and France to carry out a wave of punitive strikes on Syrian targets. These claims have been debunked.

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