Israel Attacks Palestine Continously

American Embassy in Iraq allegedly attacked by rockets from Iran.

You live next door to a battle zone. Every night, You hear yelling that escalates until you hear a woman beaten into silence. She is 95 lbs. and not a UFC fighter. And he is 225 lbs. and is a sadistic psychopath, who has put her in the hospital multiple times, and will not ever let her leave the house, He keeps her locked in, and it’s known that she is hungry, emaciated, sick from toxic water and being forced to live in a cage. He does what he can to make her suffer, just short of killing her, for no reason, but sadistic and desires. He wants her to die, as she is different than him. He moved into her house without invitation and, and he gets the house, if she goes away. Lately, he has been making sure that anyone who even mentions what they hear from that house, or says his name, or even decides not to buy the cookies he makes there, and sells in the neighborhood, are punished,,. are visited by the the police, and harrased, as he is in the process of making it a felony to say anything bad about him, to anyone, anywhere… A neighbor brings up the screams that you hear all too well.. And, you say.. ‘They do this all the time. It’s been going on forever.’ to dismiss the conversation. You know that the man knows the cops, and they seem to not get involved at all, and even harass those who ask about the beatings. You have never called the police, or done anything to help bring peace. What would this say, of your character? You, and the others, who know, and don’t want to deal with this situation, or whom don’t want to know what’s happening there, are unwilling to help a woman imprisoned and abused beyond belief in her own home. Because, it’s not convenient or comfortable to do the right thing and talk to neighbors, the authorities, or do anything, you try not to think about it, and ignore what is happening under your nose. You are not alone. The abuse goes on. She has a name. Her name is Palestine. The man at the residence has a name as well. His name is Israel. This is their story..

‘The Palestinian and Israeli conflict has been going on forever…’ (said dismissively..)

It’s what the talking point always says about violence in Gaza. Upon closer inspection, it seems like that is exactly the story that Israel wants us to believe. Unarmed peaceful protesters have been shot unnecessarily, to the tune of 29,000 victims in the last year.(2) To many of the Israel solders, it is entertainment, As seen in videos of IDF soldiers celebrating these acts. (3)They aim for the groin often, to prevent future generations of Palestinians(4). They seem to shoot for morbid injuries, not instantaneous fatalities because the death toll doesn’t account for those who die afterward, from those wounds and there is a good chance they will, with medical supplies being choked off by Israel(6), and the US discontinuing funding for Palestine(5). The UN determined this to be a war crime, and asked Israel to stop immediately. (7) Israel has no consequences for these actions(8), as the US is not just an ally, but subservient to Israels demands. (9) In addition, Israel does not allow conditions to improve in Gaza.  (10) Such as, the water being to toxic to drink, with sewage seeping into the drinking water(11). UN has determined that the water will be undrinkable, and that conditions in Gaza will be uninhabitable by next year(12). With Israel preventing anyone from leaving Gaza, it is not only immoral, but genocidal. From the statements made by Israel’s leadership, Palestinians are not real humans, but animals.(13) I am not exaggerating. Does that position sound familiar? Were Jews once considered less than human in NAZI Germany? What, then, is the real intention of Israel? To kill, or influence the deaths of every one of the Palestinians? Is it’s intention to eliminate Palestine and take the land?  It certainly appears that way. Israel uses every chance they get to make Palestinians suffer more. They even make up reasons to attack. (14) In one instance, recently, a rocket was shot into occupied territory, which is property of Palestine being illegally occupied by settlers from Israel, and the rocket didn’t do significant harm, and no injuries.(15) But, Hamas claimed it was not theirs. (16). If i’m not mistaken, Hamas always announce what they do, and proclaim the reason.  It certainly looks like that was a false flag event, or an attack orchestrated by Israel, on itself, to claim justification for it’s violent actions to follow. Who investigated that? Does it even matter?   The US is the all powerful, with a military budget consuming over half of US tax revenue, and being funded as much as the next 8 countries or more, combined. Israel is the benefactor of more funding from the US, than all the rest of the world, combined. (17) Why? My take is that Israel is trying to destroy all of the surrounding countries and take their land, just as they are in Golan Heights, and Gaza. Iran is supportive of Palestine, so Israel seeks to annihilate Iran. We’re getting very close to going to large scale war with Iran, for Israel, as it does not benefit the US. Iran was no threat to the US, but trump got in office, and pulled out of the nuclear weapons treaty, and now the US has claimed that the entire country of Iran’s military are terrorists. That’s quite a provocation, and grave threat. As of yesterday, the US sent one of it’s most powerful fleets to close proximity to Iran (Strait of Hormuz) where Iran’s most powerful weapon’s are. That’s the ability to choke off oil shipments, which would wreak indescribable havoc.  I can’t see the US military functioning well, with oil being cut off during war time. I think that’s the real reason for the war fleet headed there. If not for staging a false flag attack, to justify invasion… That’s the firepower and mindset of Israel’s leadership. They are Zionists, who want nothing less than all of Palestine for themselves.(18) They do want all Palestinians dead. They have gone to extreme lengths to ban people from talking about this, claiming it’s anti-Semitic. Efforts in support of Palestine have been legally banned in parts of the US(19), and legislation tries to trick Congress into signing off on banning BDS, or boycotting Israeli goods repeatedly. Making it a felony to boycott Israeli goods produced on Palestinian property, illegally occupied by Israeli businesses. Up to 20 years in prison for boycotting a company..(20) A flagrant violation on the first amendment, and disturbing attempt at violating it. They are trying hard, to outlaw criticism of Israeli actions, and if succeeding, will have the power to commit grave atrocities, without resistance, under the guise of anti-Semitic claims. That is horrifying. We are now at NAZI level disturbia. (21?) On the Palestinian side of the conflict, there were some rocks thrown it the direction of the soldiers, who, in turn, shot 29,000 peaceful protestors, including children, women, and press members without consequences(22). The UN condemned these actions as war crimes.(23) So what? On the imprisoned and tortured side of the ‘conflict’ there Is retaliation from Hamas occasionally, almost always being a damage to property in Palestinian territory, that Israelis occupy illegally. (23). Nobody is usually killed. Generally it’s met by missile attacks, fighter jets, and many Palestinians dead. (24). This has been the ‘conflict’. Israel provokes endlessly, for a reaction, which will always happen if you treat imprisoned people in a constant demeaning provocation. Then when they react, they retaliate many times fold of the reaction, behaving as if Israel was attacked unprovoked. (24) The reaction to the slow crushing death of Gazans lives. A more aggressive reaction took place on Friday, May 5th, when as many as 200 rockets were launched toward the illegal settlements on Palestinian territory. Israel’s missile defense stopped most of them, but a hand full of Isaelis were killed. Israel was happy to launch a large assault, in ‘retaliation’. (25) Hundreds dead, infrastructure, which is already devastated, was attacked further, which will kill plenty of people in itself, just not instantly. They are being systematically crushed to death, by unsustainable living conditions, that Israel does everything it can to ensure(26)  The media says NOTHING about the way Gazans are being treated. Because they are shit news, and don’t do shit. This shit, you and I, and those who understand what is happening in Gaza, must speak up, and ratchet up resisting these war crimes. BDS, Boycott, Divest, and Sanction, is a movement for and by Palestinians, Israel, as stated above, is trying hard to outlaw the movement. (27) The founder of the movement was even barred entry into the US, at the border. (28) So, you tell me, is this a fair and balanced conflict? Should we stop dismissing the conflict, like it’s the same old back and forth, going on forever? It’s the dismissive reaction to discussing this that bothers me, because it’s a great tool for Israel to continue the pattern. until every last Palestinian ceases to exist. If you read the position of the current Israeli leadership, it is very much in line with genocide, full of hatred and literal dehumanization of Palestinians. (28). This is not a fair or balanced fight. It is criminal and genocidal. (29) Akin to beating a person to death, and justifying it by saying they tried to fight back. Then taking the dead person’s house, that you moved into against his will, in the first place. Is possession 9/10 of the law? It is absolutely horrible what the state of Israel is doing to Palestine, and it’s a war crime. (30). No, not ‘just a conflict ‘..that’s been going on for years..’, that should be shrugged off. If you agree, it seems BDS is the best action to take, to change this trajectory. (31) To be absolutely clear, I am not an anti-Semite, nor is this writing anti-Semitic. There are many, if not most Jews are not supportive of Israeli military actions against Palestinians.(32) The state of Israel is relentlessly attempting to shut down all discussion of their crimes, going so far as I feel compelled to write this disclaimer. It should go without saying, by default. What a shameful act, shutting up all discussion of war crimes, under the guise of claiming that critics of the state’s actions are simply racists, who should be barred from expressing unfavorable views on Israeli state’s crimes against humanity. (33) Having to say that I am not a racist is appaling beyond words, and borders compelled speech by law. The leadership in israel’s actions are absolutely Disgusting, beyond anything I have ever witnessed (..except for Yemen. story coming.). The storm they are creating has the real potential for global conflict, that could literally spell extinction of humans, and all of nature as we know it. All it takes is a handful of nuclear weapons to create a nuke winter bad enough to extinguish life(34) But, thats another story too. The point being that Israel’s war and genocidal path needs to be altered or stopped.  Grave consequences will follow, if they are not.

by CrisckoWonky Sangha Media

(references still being compiled. Please request any specific references you wish, via number, in the comments, for further clarification.)

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