Bolton’s Imminent War

In depth further with the larger war and global domination agenda, project for the new american century, Israel connections and influence of the entire county’s leadership. The Whitehouse, especially, but congress has been heavily pressured by AIPAC and other Isaeli lobbies. For example $800,000 was spent by one Israeli group on influencing the elections of 2016. Russiagate has Russia’s total at $100,000. Although the CEO of Google said $4,700 when he testified to congress.. So, Who attacked our electoral process??? Have you heard anything about it in alphabet news stations?? Me neither. But let’s be real.. Clinton lost all by her self. Shooting the messenger, Jullian Assange, doesn’t change that.

This video clip, I go into it in a little more depth..

Below is a clip explaining how close the state department is to Benjamin Netanyahu, and Zionist regime, Likud Party, in Israel.

An honest disclaimer, that I despise even having to consider. I am as far separated from bigotry as anyone I have ever known. I am not an anti-semite, regardless of what the Zionists try to twist the word anti-semite, to include everyone critical of Israel’s human rights violations say!

This behavior, and Zionists in general, do not represent the spirit of Judaism, in the actions that I take issue with. Specifically, I think the apartheid state of Palestine, and treatment of Palestinian people is appalling. Great efforts are made to suppress information highlighting said behaviors. Manipulating the information revealing the crimes being committed, and passing legislation in the US to legally ban boycotts of companies on occupied territories in Palestine, is a direct violation of the 1st amendment. Therefore it’s a personal attack on my liberties. Intolerable from any source. Protest is a right! I also have problems with the manner in which that legislation has been introduced. If you have to sneak it in, that is disgusting deceitful behavior! The overwhelming influence on US congress that Israel lobbies control, is so intrusive that I don’t know how to express it. The online censorship of researching Palestinian struggles on YouTube is infuriating!!! Yes, attempting to shape my world view, without my awareness of the fact, makes me feel so violated, I want to sit in the shower, in the fetus position and sob. It’s for Machiavellian tactics, and imposition of human suffering, that I am deeply opposed to to the ideology.

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