Fascism Happens

This was the Pledge of Allegiance of 1942, performed by American children in public grade school in Connecticut, USA. This was the national way of reciting the Pledge until WW2 when, inexplicably, it was changed to hand over heart, and “under god” was added to spite communism, because commies worship the state, and American’s hate commies. Yes, true story.

Fascism is not a SS uniform, or a tiny mustache, or German accents, and it’s not in black and white. It is full indoctrination and brainwash, by controlling all media (ABCBSNBCNN broadcast networks), and silencing dissent (Julian Assange, and Twitter, Facebook, YouTube censorship), or eliminating it’s sources (book burning or disappeared authors) . It happens faster than anybody thought, and the leader has plenty of support, keeping them in power ().

It’s here. and, it’s happening now! Speak up while you still have a voice!!

-Chris Coty

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