War is a racket. It always has been. And it may always be.

And so it begins, or shifts gears. War is here again still and again and still, but this group of wars, is a meta war for Keeps. Empire is taking its shot at global hegemony, or ” full spectrum world dominance”, quick before the architects of the apocalypse lose their positions, to complete the diabolical […]

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The CIA has ZERO credibility!

John Foster Dulles United States Secretary of State Allen Dulles Director of Central Intelligence Unless otherwise noted, all of these clips were copied from Wikipedia. After Eisenhower won the 1952 presidential election, he chose John Foster Dulles as Secretary of State. As Secretary of State, Dulles concentrated on building and strengthening Cold War alliances, most prominently the North Atlantic […]

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Stop This Crazy Thing

  1942 Pledge of Allegience in Connecticut   Aside from the taboo of looking critically, at socially unpopular subject matter, it can be overwhelming to research these subjects, as there is often a mountain of evidence, and critical information about these subjects.This blog is for publishing bite sized peices of evidence of great importance to […]

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