Fascism Happens

This was the Pledge of Allegiance of 1942, performed by American children in public grade school in Connecticut, USA. This was the national way of reciting the Pledge until WW2 when, inexplicably, it was changed to hand over heart, and “under god” was added to spite communism, because commies worship the state, and American’s hate […]

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Bolton’s Imminent War

In depth further with the larger war and global domination agenda, project for the new american century, Israel connections and influence of the entire county’s leadership. The Whitehouse, especially, but congress has been heavily pressured by AIPAC and other Isaeli lobbies. For example $800,000 was spent by one Israeli group on influencing the elections of […]

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Tolerance is fading fast in society, as a whole. Without tolerance and discourse, there is no peace, only division.
Division leads to violence.

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Historical record

Are we living in lost history? What is true of world history, especially the present, is not accurately portrayed by the biggest voices that may affect historical record. The mainstream media, in the west, is heavily engaged in disinforming the world with the most advanced propaganda campaign in recorded history. Who is recording that fact? […]

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Conspiracy theories

CIA: War on skepticism CIA demonizing ‘conspiracy theorists’ The “Conspiracy Theorists” label and public skepticism was demonized by the CIA in 1967, after the Kennedy assassination. The CIA publication, outlining this, after the Warren report scrutiny, and conspiracy theories about JFK’s assassination. The official story inconsistencies became apparent, and more than 50% of the public […]

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Syria Propaganda is a Lie.

So, Syria gassed it’s own people, after the war is pretty much won, just because, knowing full well that it could be used as an excuse to attack?? And, our ‘sources’ tell us that it was Assad, but we could not wait one more day, for independent investigators to arrive and verify it?? We had […]

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