YouTube censorship for Israel

YouTube censorship for Israel’s benefit.


   In making reference links for my recent article on Palestine and Israel, I discovered something truly jaw dropping, and I’m still shaken, as I write this. I have seen, and heard things on YouTube, that convince others and myself of manipulation of many aspects of broadcasting to favor the agenda of the establishment. I have been convinced that it is true, but there’s never really a smoking gun, or intent proven. I now know, and am posting screen grabs from Hong Kong Youtube searches, and Australia searches, in addition to the safe exact search sent on US Youtube. It’s a search for the reports on Palestinian dehumanization. The US and Australia searches only bring up videos that favor Israel’s point of view, and there is nothing about the mistreatment of Palestinians. This was accidental, as I use a VPN, or Virtual Private Network for security, and was accidentally logged in through Australia, when searching for some videos I knew were around, but search only brought up videos that looked favorably, or neutral for Israel. When I realized I was logged in to AU, I searched US, and same. No stories about the war crimes of israel. So, I chose a non-western source, Hong Kong, and the critical stuff is at the top of the list, with the exact same search string, a minute apart. I’m spooked. Screen grabs below.  Got a VPN, try for yourself?  It’s shocking that our media and world view are being manipulated and filtered, for Israel’s benefit, without our knowledge. I suspect that something could happen to this article.  I will speculate here, as to why this could be going on.. Is this a silencing of media that criticizes Israel, because they are preparing to do something ugly, criminal?  To Palestinians, Iranians?

Hong Kong, then Australia, then USA..

US YouTube

Hong Kong, the critical stories are at the top of the search list.

AU Youtube

Australia youtube Search for criminal UN Palestinian

US YouTube

Ok, so the media has been sensationalizing Russians manipulating public opinion. To the tune of $4,700 dollars.. That is Petty Child’s play on any scale.. They didn’t even bother to alter search results. How would they? They are a foreign country. So is Israel.

What of this extreme censorship of US content, by Israel??? What does that cost? How are they manipulating search results? What else are we being misled about?

Is it just me?  Or is this INSANE??

Nearly Speechless.

Beyond disturbing, well into violating my rights and yours!!

What can we do?

We are in a fascist state.

Next phase, will we pray to our kim jong Trump statues 3 times a day, or.. ‘Off with your head!’ ?

This level of manipulation and suppression of truth never ends well.  

The Neocon Zionists need to be removed from power, or we are all doomed to horrors unimagineable.

-Ned Flansle

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