broke 5/19

American Embassy in Iraq allegedly attacked by rockets from Iran.

Early reports of a drone attack on Saudi pipelines. Houti rebels are being blamed. Houthi is the Islam Sect that Most Iranians subscribe to. More info, as I receive it.

Update: 5-20-19

Saudi Arabia has blamed Iran for the Pipeline attacks, without producing evidence. In addition, There war a rocket attack near the US embassy in Iraq, and US claims Iran involvement, as Bolton is at the Whitehouse War Room. Since the visit, Trump’s tune has gone from defiant to supportive of war with Iran. Bolton has planned war with Iran for over 20 years, and he just now in the position to make it happen by any means. His clock is ticking, as the certainty of realizing his ambition runs into possible ends in 2020, War increases his chances of continuing to wield his current power.

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