Glove removal. IT IS TIME!!!

it’s time..
to suspend comfort to stop horror

time to preach truth outside the choir

to use our personal strengths to maximize our effectiveness in pursuit of the goal.

to trade guilt, and powerlessness, for moral pride and increasing progress toward a dignified position.

to facilitate everything we can to actively wake hearts and minds to the objective truth of actions, before words of alleged intensions.

Creativity, intelligence, kindness, aggression, assertion, and all strengths outside of malevolence, have a powerful role in affecting change in the mainstream trajectory.

it’s time to make more noise than money can buy, and media can speak.

Trade the burden of the lost cause of guilt, for the honor of sacrificing that which you can possibly offer, to truly know that you are fighting with everything, to stop the grave injustice and tragedy that will leave the blood on all of our hands, to drip on our childrens’ lives.

Time to let go of lesser divisions between us, in the name of the most noble cause. “United, we stand.”

to ask who benefits from aggressive acts, before blindly accepting what we are told.

to suspend blind faith in authorities or personalities that we have trusted in the past.

it is appropriate..
to be uncomfortable, to cry, to feel sick, to be afraid, to be furious..

.. for what the very few have gained, through the horror and extermination of the many, who ultimately pay them.

.. to pay taxes that fund the wrongs perpetrated on innocent people, only to enrich the few who influence where your taxes go.

Ask yourself if you truly are giving all you can, to stop unspeakable tragedy. If we are not honest with ourselves on this, subconsciously we pay with our health. Mental, physical, and spiritual (for the spiritual).

be the owner of this message. be the publisher. Dedicate what you can, to vulnerable or uncomfortable suspension of identity or group opinion, and promote factual truth’s message, above individual desire.

Own this! Come together, or not. But come to this in your way, with your strengths, with or without like minds, in service to the lives of innocent people in the way of harm from a system that we are all part of.

When Squeeky wheels are ignored, they smoke. Smoky wheels ignored, catch fire. Unattended fire burns the entire vehicle down.


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